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 Create YOUR KICK ASS Life

Loving your Body and Talking Kindly to Yourself does not have to be a constant battle.

​Feeling a lack of confidence, unmotivated and confused on how to start transforming your body and negative thoughts, in order to live a happier life, shouldn't be so overwhelming.  You're not alone.

Are you ready to finally take action and begin living your life Fearlessly with more  Confidence than ever?!



Whats included:
​+ Weekly Gym Workouts
+ Home and Travel Workouts
+ Monthly Meal Plan
+ Monthly Book Recommendations
+ Mindfulness Tasks and Homework
+ 1 LIVE video (ZOOM) call and hangout with me (each month!)
we will chat about things like:

Understanding Carb Cycling
Understanding a Weight Loss Plateau
Declutter Your Life 
Learning to Love Yourself 
Celebrate Your Victories BIG & SMALL 
Eliminate Excuses 
Having Successful Failures 
Moderation & Self Control

​Access to the Private Chat Group where you'll connect with all the other women in the Tribe.

​AND the benefits you'll FEEL and SEE by being a part of the Tribe:

​+ increased clarity on your overall goals
+ increased self-love by gaining the tools and mindfulness tasks each week that will help you uncover emotional blocks you've set up against yourself all these years, a better relationship with your body and journaling exercises that will set your body, mind and day up for success!
+ your body will transform through the workouts and nutrition tips and guidance
+ you'll feel more inspired on a daily basis 
+ increased ability to make changes and take action on the things you WANT out of life!
+ you will discover books that will change your view on things from food relationship struggles to how to face your fears and move forward
+ the community aspect will bring women into your life that could become life-long best friends!

No contracts, cancel at anytime and ONLY $20 + gst a monthly

Gain the tools to transform your Mind and Body.

Be a part of a Community who is excited to support you!

It's time... to start focusing on transforming your entire outlook on life, so you can Thrive.

Join TODAY for only $20 + GST! 

Upon signing up, I will be personally emailing you with the link to create your log-in 

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    Prince George, BC, Canada
    Phone: 250-961-7522

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